A refreshing blast of inspiration

June 26, 1997 § Leave a comment

Spillway | Henry Villierme

A TWINGE OF instant recognition greets the visitor. The eye grazes over the artist’s small, vibrantly colored and consistently stylized views of landscapes and townscapes, transformed into visual patchwork. The mind instinctively thinks Richard Diebenkorn, before he followed the muse into abstraction.

A closer look, though, reveals something deeper than a mere imitation of Diebenkorn’s signature reductive approach, something more personally expressive. In fact, Villierme studied with Diebenkorn and played a role in the Bay Area Figurative Movement decades back, but slipped out of the public art scene for years. Now his paintings arrive on the scene as a refreshing blast of inspiration.

Villierme’s paintings, mostly of fields and buildings, are structured as seductive sequences of forms, rather than seamless interpretations of real space. Cityscapes present the city from a rooftop perspective, high above the thrum of human activity. Translating the lines and angles into meshes of geometry, Villierme reshapes the observable world into images that are both vivid to behold and thoughtful in conception.

— JOSEF WOODARD, Los Angeles Times

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