A rare gift

April 20, 2008 § Leave a comment


Kim Frohsin | Glaciale


Few contemporary painters manage Kim Frohsin’s sheer vivacity of color and form. And her talent extends beyond formal skill: Although she doesn’t paint overt narrative, much less illustrate her subjects, she always reveals a deep compassion for the expressive force of the body. The gestures that her figures strike are the results of intense emotions.

Frohsin’s fusion of painterly intuition and representational sympathy takes an especially surprising turn in her new paintings. “I haven’t touched a paintbrush for a year,”Frohsin explained during a recent conversation. Building on the live figure drawings that form the base of her compositions, and working with palette knives, razor blades, tape and crushed pigment, Frohsin brings new possibilities to her mark making, as well as new tones and moods.

This is what makes Kim Frohsin such a vital figure in contemporary painting, this urge to make her art from challenges, to plunge forward into the unknown even as she hones the skills she has worked for years to develop. Throughout her exploration, she has maintained her balance of formal passion and personal understanding. Hers is a rare gift, one that gives us cause for gratitude.

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