A triptych of pets

August 15, 2012 § 1 Comment

Marion Seawell | Pet Screen (1988)

POMEGRANATE PRESS will publish Marion Seawell’s Pet Screen, a triptych, and three of her other paintings as notecards this fall. The Northern California painter — featured in a retrospective at the Thomas Reynolds Gallery in 2009 — is known for her psychologically charged autobiographical paintings of people and other animals. A catalog, This Has Certainly Been a Lot of Fun, is available.

She says of Pet Screen:

Gathered together here are different pets from different times and places in my life. Tim is atop the ladder, where he just climbed one day all by himself. He was my pet in Walla Walla, Washington, when I was in my early teens. That’s Rex wondering if he can climb up, too.

Down below is the first Tim from my early childhood in Yakima. Sam, the black cat who adopted me in San Francisco, is at the bottom of the central panel. Woodrow, the Australian sheepdog with a pink nose, is at left with a calico cat I did not know. That gorgeous black silk hat was my most elegant accessory ever. The brim could be turned up, down or sideways.

Jack, the big old fat brown dog in the middle, often came across the street to lie on our porch. The boy he loved had gone off to college. When my friend Mary and I walked to school to our seventh grade class, sometimes Jack would lumber along behind. He would wait by the school steps to follow us home. Once we tricked him and sneaked out a different door and skipped home. Just before dinnertime we felt guilty and went back to get him. There he was, so glad to see us. Dear old dog. His family kept him at home after that.

MORE: Marion Seawell notecards from Pomegranate Press

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  • I have a wonderful original Marion Seawell art drawing done in either ink or pencil, it is approx 20 inches by 20 inches round and appears with over 20 different types of birds (much like her famous cat’s drawing) surrounding one egg sitting in a nest. I picked it up in a second hand shop for almost nothing. It’s a very interesting and thoughtful piece of work. If anyone is interested, please contact me, leave a message of interest. Frank Montgomery 206 366 0353

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