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June 10, 2013 § 3 Comments

The Night Was All Around, Soft and Quiet | Joan Longas

The Night Was All Around Soft and Quiet, 2013 | Joan Longas

A MESSAGE arrived on the gallery Facebook page:

“My name is Joan Longas and I’m a painter from Barcelona, Spain,” it said. “I just thought of sharing my last painting with you. It’s from my visit to California last summer, and from the pictures I took on June 20 and 21. This is a corner that I particularly like.”

We responded to thank him for sharing the image, which is now a matter of history, since the gallery’s longtime neighbor Johnny Rockets has closed. He wrote back:

“I will miss Johnny Rockets next time I visit San Francisco. The painting I mailed to you before was the third one of that same corner, from three different years. For some reason I loved it from the minute I first saw it. Perhaps the yellowish color of the facade, and the way the building is located that makes no other building show behind.”

Fillmore & Pine, 2012 | Joan Longas

Fillmore & Pine, 2012 | Joan Longas

He added: “If you take a look at the other two versions you’ll see that they are joyous images, like a crisp early summer morning. That’s the way I feel every time I think of it.”

Let Us Rush to See This World, 2009 | Joan Longas

Let Us Rush to See This World, 2009 | Joan Longas

“But I wanted to try a nocturnal version of it,” he wrote. “Nocturnals in the city always offer a festival of lights and colors. Also there is that compelling suggestion hidden behind windows in the evening.”


FOLLOW UP: Joan Longas writes: A few months ago I shared with you three of my paintings of the corner of Fillmore and Pine. This time I’m excited to share with you the invitation of my upcoming exhibition in Paris, in which the last of my paintings on “our” corner will be in display.

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