Hey 19

November 24, 2013 § 11 Comments

The proprietor (right) with his key advisor, the art historian William W. Whitney in 1996.

The proprietor (right) with his key advisor, the art historian William W. Whitney, in 1996.

AMAZINGLY ENOUGH, November 19 marked the 19th anniversary of the opening of the Thomas Reynolds Gallery. What was envisioned as a six-week exercise in following your bliss has led to the creation of a wonderful community of artists and collectors over almost two decades.

“No great venture was ever launched on a good night’s sleep,” says the inscription in the first gallery guest book. We must have been giddy from the fervor and the paint fumes. “It’ll never work,” an architect friend had assured us. But something about this little Victorian residential space worked in spite of itself.

Thanks for the encouragement and appreciation and support. Mark your calendar: There’ll be a big party this time next year!

§ 11 Responses to Hey 19

  • Chris Adessa says:

    Hello Thomas,

    I just wanted to thank you for sharing this and for following your bliss all those years ago. And for your great gallery and community of artists. Your shows are always a pleasure to view.

    I saw you speak at Fort Mason and loved how you talked about the choices you have made and the experiences you drew on to make this transition in your life. It was very candid and inspiring to hear.

    In addition, quite a few years ago I read a piece written by you about how to collect art, how to think about it, how to go about it, and what to avoid. I cut that out and kept it on the wall of my studio for years because it rang true for me as far as who I was making art for. I wonder how you might write that same article today.

    So I just wanted to thank you for following your bliss and for showing the world great art. Wishing you another 19 years of success.

    Chris Adessa

  • Swan Brown says:

    Congratulations Tom! You have a great gallery and wonderful friends who appreciate it and what it adds to the Fillmore neighborhood! Many more great years! Swan

  • Harvey L. Myman says:

    Truly amazing and wonderful.
    Congratulations, and keep following your dreams.

  • Ed Walborsky says:

    Happy Birthday. Thanks for providing the many stories and joy in my home.

  • Bill Lieber says:

    Congrats from Chicago!
    Maybe I need to make a purchase to celebrate?
    19 years…and I think I was there on your first weekend!

  • Marti Campbell says:

    Wow! Happy Birthday! I’ll come by the next time I’m in the neighborhood–so glad your experiment has lasted–I love the work you show!

  • Mark Ryser says:

    Hello Thomas:

    This is meaningful and I am gratifed to know it.

    It is cause for celebration. Yours is a special endeavor and a special physical place.

    Thank you for sustaining this all these years.

    I will stop in and hope to see you soon.

    Mark Ryser

  • Gene Ramey says:

    Happy Birthday
    And loads of return of this day. Having been absent from the art scene for almost ten years, I truly was so happy to “find” out with Maria Quinn recently you and your very good gallery and the artists you represent. I will come by and see what is going on in my very infrequent visits to San Francisco. I wish you every good fortune in the great work you are doing in giving good artists exposure in the community.

    Gene Ramey

  • Chris Vein says:

    Greetings from Barcelona. Happy Anniversary! Or Birthday! And Thanksgiving!

  • Mary Kay Lyon says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to TRG! I am sure glad you stayed around for a bit longer than 6 weeks! Bravo and Congratulations!

    Mary Kay

  • Faith Wheeler says:

    Congratulations, Thomas!!

    If restaurants operate in dog years, I must believe art galleries are at least that and then some!

    Well done and time to buy more art!!

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