Farewell to Fillmore & Pine

February 12, 2015 § 80 Comments


Dear Friends,

In celebration of its 20th anniversary, we have decided to declare victory and close our gallery at Fillmore & Pine Streets in San Francisco at the end of February.

What began as a six-week exercise in following your bliss has led to the creation of a wonderful community of artists and collectors over two decades. Among the opportunities for which we’re most grateful:

• Presenting the first gallery exhibitions of a long list of talented artists, including Ken Auster, Francis Livingston, Michael Reardon and Veerakeat Tongpaiboon.

• Working with key figures from the Bay Area Figurative Movement now departed, including Theophilus Brown, Paul Wonner and Henry Villierme, who had a late-in-life resurrection of the art career he put aside 40 years earlier.

• Learning from wise gallery veterans like Charles Campbell, Jan Holloway, Claire Carlevaro, Barbara Janeff and the ever-helpful Mark Hoffman at Maxwell Galleries — and especially for the tutelage and friendship and good ideas of art historian William Whitney.

We are eternally thankful for your encouragement and appreciation and support — and for the friendships we have made during your visits to the gallery. Many, many of you have acquired terrific paintings you love, and we have watched together as a group of extremely talented artists have pursued their passions and established considerable success.

The TRG website and Art Matters, our online magazine, will continue. We look forward to keeping in touch with you through periodic emailings and posts on our Facebook page.

New adventures await! In addition to ongoing legal and publishing ventures, I am looking forward to pursuing interests and opportunities still to be discovered. To that end, I welcome your suggestions and introductions.

Thank you for 20 great years. Onward to the next 20!

With thanks and all good wishes,

§ 80 Responses to Farewell to Fillmore & Pine

  • Virginia Arnone says:

    Wonderful Gallery. Wonderful Artists. Wonderful Community. So very sorry to see you leave.

  • Pam Rabinowitz says:

    Your lovely gallery and the amazing art you have displayed over the years will be much missed. Best wishes for all your future endeavors.

  • Dawne Bernhardt says:

    First I lose Jon Stewart and the next day Thomas Reynolds.

    I know good things will come to you, truly a Renaissance man.

    Hugs and best wishes for new ventures, new successes.

  • Kathryn MacDonald says:

    The end of an era. I love your gallery. Wishing you the best in whatever comes next.

  • Jerome Tarshis says:

    I’ll look in before the end of the month. Although I don’t have suggestions or introductions, I consider myself one of your fan club and look forward to as yet unanticipated followings of bliss. No point in doing it only once in a lifetime.

  • Sherry O'Donnell says:

    You have been my favorite gallery in the city. Will do all I can to continue to support your magnificent taste and ability to promote artists. Luck towards your future.

  • Randi Reiff says:

    My favorite gallery –

    So sorry to see you go –

    Glad the website will still be there –

    Yes, onward to the next 20!

  • Kim Frohsin says:

    Thomas! Say it ain’t so…. But, what a great 20 years of providing really fine, fine art in such an especial, intimate setting; it has been always a pleasure to visit and I have loved all the shows … Some by art friends and others for their thematic thoughtful qualities. Your unique gallery at Pine / Fillmore shall be missed. Best creative wishes to you on your next endeavors.

  • Melinda Cootsona says:

    As a long time Bay Area artist I am so sorry to hear of your wonderful gallery closing. Of course I am happy for you and your new adventures, but your gallery will be greatly missed. You selected and represented a great collection of artists. You have an eye that few gallerists seem to have these days. Thank you for all that you have done.

  • Drew Fagan says:

    Sad news Thomas! You will be missed. Your class and your devotion to art and your artists has few parallels.

  • Claude Sidi says:

    Wonderful and sad news!! I hope you come across your next 20 year adventure soon.

  • Jake Dear says:

    Classy way to do it. It was indeed a great run.

    On to new things . . . .

  • Victoria Brooks says:

    You are my favorite gallery Thomas! I’m so sad. I wish you the best of luck and keep me posted on your adventures!

  • Leslie Allen says:

    I will miss you! You have always been so generous when I came in to chat. You probably don’t know that your kind input helped me to launch a painting career, after decades of unhappily grinding out a living in a job that just did not fit.

  • Alvin Johnson says:

    Very sad day in the Fillmore.

  • John Musgrove says:

    I’m selfishly sorry to hear this news but deeply grateful for all your wonderful shows and especially for your warmth and your engaging personality.

    Best wishes in the adventures ahead and I hope to see you before you close up shop.

  • Ginny Sykes says:

    Bittersweet news for those of us watching who have loved what you’ve done these years and have benefitted in so many ways. But kudos for the courage and vision to know when to step away and on to the next chapter. Yes, this is indeed a victorious way to move on.

  • Kathy Geissler Best says:

    I wish you more success, Thomas!!!
    Congrats on a wonderful gallery! You will be missed.

  • Idie Weinsoff says:

    Oh how sad!!!! What will the world be like without wonderful galleries like the TRG?

  • Adrienne Sherman says:

    I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. I will miss the gallery. I must tell you I was so thrilled with your handling of my work and your great professionalism as a dealer. I still hope to see you in the neighborhood.

  • Charlotte Karp says:

    You and your wonderful gallery FILLed MORE than just that space. We are left to PINE.

  • Bill Nicol says:

    What a fine man you’ve turned out to be eh? To have spent a large part of your life passionate about the arts, and having helped artists and enriched the lives of so many art lovers? What a fine example of how one should strive to live their life.

    I wish you the very best in your next adventure.

  • Janet Boreta says:

    Good luck with the next years. The Thomas Reynolds Gallery has been a fine place for art in the community!

  • Peter Loftus says:

    I now feel even more privileged to have met and worked with you last year. Thank you so much for that opportunity to get back in the swing of the San Francisco art scene.

  • Mark Ryser says:

    I feared this would happen someday, but his makes me genuinely very sad. I have always loved everything about your simple gallery. I dread what is coming.

  • Susie Biehler says:

    New adventures lie ahead for you, Thomas. I have no doubt.

    Congrats on 20 years. What a milestone!

  • Esteban Sardera says:

    We met a few times briefly – very sad to hear of the gallery’s closing. I’ve loved stopping by over the years and always saw great quality work there including my introduction to Veerakeet. I’m just now starting my own collection bit by bit and love California art.

    Congrats on a great 20 year run!

  • Jessica Dunne says:

    Thanks for being supportive of Theophilus Brown, my good friend. I loved seeing his work there, and the work of others.

  • Martie Carleton says:

    Aw shucks! I will very much miss walking by and lingering while I look in your windows. I am so happy our paths crossed and please keep me in the loop of what you are up to.

    I wish you the very best in your next adventure.

  • Linda Aldrich says:

    Congratulations on 20 years!!!

    TRG – and you – added a lot to our neighborhood. You and your art will be missed.

    Best and looking forward to hearing about future projects.

  • Jeanette Dunckel says:

    Oh no. First Jon Stewart and now you. Just the other night as we walked by you after dinner I pointed you out to a newly arrived San Franciscan as “my favorite gallery.” Bon voyage, many thanks, and good luck in your next ventures. I will continue to look forward to “Art Matters.”

  • Robert M. Randall says:

    Your gallery has been one of my favorite places in SF. I am sad to learn that you are moving on.

  • Kasia Ekstrand says:

    We will miss you… We have been fans and collectors of Veerakeat since his paintings were hanging on the walls of his aunt’s restaurant.

    Will you be having a “closing sale”? Just kidding, but maybe 🙂

  • Kathy Vila Byers says:

    What a lovely message, Thomas! Sorry to hear you are closing, but 20 years is a good stint. And the world awaits! Lots of adventures to be had. What a great adventurous spirit.

  • Terry Murphy says:

    I’m sorry to hear that….a loss to the community, but you did great …..you should be proud.

    All the best. I know you’ll succeed at whatever comes next.

  • Paul Finn says:

    Sorry to hear that TRG is soon to close. I loved my visit a couple of years ago. Now here’s an idea for you, why not open a gallery in England?

    Kind regards,

  • Christine Blomley says:

    I’m happy for you to move on but will miss your wonderfully artful presence at Fillmore & Pine. Losing you and Jon Stewart at the same time is just too much!!!! It’s been such a pleasure to pop in over the years to see such a great variety of art and talk to you about it. I have bought three paintings that I love still every day and wish I’d had room for more.

  • Chris Nichols says:

    Sorry to hear you’re closing your venue; have loved seeing it and also attending functions there. You have done such an amazing job of knitting that community and physical neighborhood together.

    Best of luck in the next chapter.

  • Valerie Winemiller says:

    I am very sorry to hear this. Your gallery has been a favorite for some time, and I have seen some wonderful shows.

  • Barbara Janeff says:

    Dear Thomas…… I am sad for the changes in the art world and the closing of your gallery, but glad of your enthusiasm for the future. Something good is always out there. And thanks for all the true art spirit and wonderful shows.

  • Milbourne Finley says:

    Very best to you in future pursuits! My Henry Villierme painting gives me
    great pleasure every day. Should future paintings of his come your way, I would appreciate your contacting me.

    May your next life chapter bring you much fulfillment and happiness.

  • Marilyn Cooper says:

    Sorry to hear this, but happy for you. Loved the gallery!

  • Laura Werlin says:

    Okay. This does it. I am definitely selling my house. I was already going to do so, but reading this cements the deal. Why? Because I can’t bear the thought of walking by the space and not seeing the pictures in the window, not seeing you holding court with your legion of neighborhood fans and friends, not seeing a neighborhood touchstone that’s been my touchstone for the ten years I’ve lived here even if from a distance. Say it ain’t so!

    It’s a sad day here on Pine & Fillmore. Nope, there’s no joy in Mudville today.

  • Tim Horn says:

    So sorry to hear you’re closing up shop. I always enjoyed stopping in, and loved the artists you represented.

    Congratulations on 20 years, and best wishes with your future endeavors.

  • Bonnie Demergasso says:

    OMG, Thomas, I am in shock. You put it so well. I’m sending you love and admiration! You did it, something very few ever do. That says a lot about what you’re made of. The gallery has meant so much to so many.

  • Kathryn Hobart says:

    This indeed is sad news for those of us who enjoyed peering in your windows (if not buying). You have contributed so much to the neighborhood that I am sure your next venture will be exciting and wonderful.

  • Sandy Messinger says:

    I have so enjoyed your gallery, especially seeing Ken Auster’s work evolve over time. Thank you for a little slice of heaven amid the chaos.

    I wish you all the best.

  • Faith Wheeler says:


  • Steve Brotherton says:

    Sad to see the doors close. Thanks for providing access to all the wonderful paintings!

  • Richard Brayton says:

    Thanks for the heads up. We will all miss the gallery, which was truly a staple of the Fillmore neighborhood. Hope the next 20 is equally fruitful.

  • David Landis says:

    Very sad news – so sorry the gallery is leaving the neighborhood, but we look forward to staying in touch.

    You’ve done a magnificent job. And helped many artists in the process.


  • Lee Davis says:

    Will miss you!!!

  • Mike Rothman says:

    I’ve just read with an element of sadness about your closing of the gallery location on Fillmore. I know that endeavor has been of longstanding importance to you; I hope you won’t miss it terribly. You’ve made it possible for many fine artists to find an audience and in the meantime introduced beauty to many collectors.

  • Nancy Toomey says:

    Thomas, Good luck in your future endeavors! Was it a lease issue, which so many of these closings seem to be?

  • Joe Ceballos says:

    Congratulations on the gallery’s 20th anniversary! As much as it saddens me to hear that the gallery will be closing, I am very honored and proud to have had the chance to be at least a small part of the legacy. Thank you for giving me the pleasure and opportunity of showing my work alongside such great artists and community. Working with you has truly been a pleasure.

  • Barbara Wyeth says:

    ‘Tho I rarely make it into the gallery, I must say I’m sorry to hear this news. I think of your gallery as such a mainstay of the neighborhood! Thank you for all you’ve done for me personally and for the entire neighborhood and community!

  • Claire Carlevaro says:

    What a loss! Hoping we can stay in touch.

  • Michael Schwab says:

    Whoa! (You lucky dog.)

    A loss to the rest of us.

    I really have enjoyed working with you, Tom.

    I hope we still find something to work on together.

    Good luck with your new future…!

  • Lee Zeigler says:

    This is sad news indeed.

  • Richard Warmer says:

    A rather bittersweet milestone, Thomas, but you have had a great run.

    Ginny and I send best wishes for your next adventures and our heartfelt thanks for the treasured works you helped us find and acquire — thinking in particular of gems by Jack Cassinetto and Henry Villierme.

    We will miss the fun of occasionally stopping by the gallery and chatting with you on walks through the neighborhood.

    We’ll look for those emails about your future projects.

  • Peter & Susanne Rundberg says:

    Sugar Ray…

    WOW! Did not see that coming, BUT congratulations…

    Escape from Retail Jail is how some will view it, others will weep at the Loss of a Real Gallery in The ‘Hood, not the snobby downtown, attitude filled spaces.

    Well needless to say we have enjoyed being a small part of TRG. We are very happy with our acquisitions and will miss the wine sipping, art viewing, meet the artist, cool parties.

  • Stephanie Peek says:

    Dear Thomas, We will all miss your gallery so much! More time for travels to Paris, etc. All the very best as you go forward!

  • Paul Weir says:


    I am saddened to see that you are closing the gallery. I always thought you represented great artists and an important part of California art, plus provided a pleasant and intellectually interesting shop among the Filmore neighborhood.

    I always enjoyed stopping in see your collection and talk, and on occasion take a piece home with me. I now look at my collection, mainly from you. It includes several paintings by David Carr, a wonderful person, Terry Miura, Francis Livingston and Henry Villierme.

    I enjoy them immensely.

  • Barbara Lowe says:

    We thank YOU for providing a wonderful cultural venue in the neighborhood. Sorry to see you go, but wishing you all the best in your new (and yet undiscovered) ventures! They are apt to be interesting!

  • Megan Bigelow says:

    I am SO VERY SAD to hear that you are closing your gallery. It’s one of my favorites…. and such a gem in San Francisco. I am hoping to be able to visit again before you close for good.

  • Lucy Gray says:

    This is very, very sad for all of us who treasure the gallery and the way it elevates our experience of living in the neighborhood.

  • Joseph Koonin says:

    Thomas: I’m both delighted for you and saddened too to miss your happy face (not to mention how you conned me out of half my lunch w/you!). I haven’t been as strong as I used to be, so seeing you in the city was out of the question; but we think & talk about you a lot………

    Thanks to you, you have created an ART Monster with Wini & and I’m not far behind. Stay well, and hopefully before I leave this planet I’ll get to see you again.

    Regards from the Koonins

  • Daniel Levigoureux says:

    Dear Thomas,

    What a surprise! The closure of your gallery at the end of February!

    I know how much you loved painting. And the painters! I am sure that your great project to become the owner of a beautiful art gallery was the dream of all your life! You had been proud and happy to succeed in doing that dream!

    Also, I know that you adore your nice neighborhood of Fillmore. And I shall never forget your nice reception when I went to San Francisco in 2008. Very heartfelt thanks!

    I think that you need courage when is arrived the last day in the gallery…

    When are you coming to France? I hope you and Barbara come visit us. We can receive you, no problem.

    Best wishes to the next years…

    Best regards,

  • Nicholas Coley says:

    That’s fantastic, Thomas. I always respected you as one of the few gallerists who is in it for all the right reasons. And I had totally forgotten that I had paintings with you. You’re an honorable man.

  • Ada Bakalinsky says:

    I will miss your gallery and YOU. When I walk by, I always look forward to seeing what I can see from your windows. Many thank you’s for your excellent taste and encouragement of young artists. Good luck on your next venture.

  • Marti Campbell says:

    I just wanted you to know that I’ve spent many happy hours at your gallery. It’s been a touchstone to me, both on Fillmore Street and for the kind of art you have shown. I’m sending my best wishes for your continued success in anything you decide to do! I have “liked” the gallery on Facebook and will look forward to keeping up with you there …

  • Suzanne and George Burwasser says:

    George and I are really sorry to hear that you are closing the gallery at the end of the month — mainly because we won’t have a wonderful place to wander over to and chat with you of a weekend afternoon. So our regrets are purely personal and selfish. But we are happy for you, that you have the chance to pursue new adventures and that you may have an occasional Friday or Saturday early evening free for you and B.K. to come and dine with us.

    Please add our email address to your distribution list for your Art Matters publication. You cover a lot of ground there and we’d like to come along on your art journey.

  • Scott Harris says:

    Victory is yours! Congratulations on your good run. I look forward to stopping in this week to say hello.

  • Judith Cohen says:

    Congratulations on your wonderful 20 year adventure. Your gallery introduced talented artists to many art loving visitors and patrons.

    Your generous support of Handful Players in our beginning years (9 years ago!) was important in promoting and increasing awareness for our musical theater program helping underserved children in the Western Addition.

    With a huge handful of appreciation for all you have done to enrich the lives of artists and art lovers.

  • Wylie Sheldon says:

    It was sad to receive your notice. I will miss your gallery — and checking in with you from time to time. I will be eternally grateful to you for the wonderful paintings that I found in your shop. Best of luck as you go forward.

  • Terry and Pat Keats says:

    Pat and I were surprised to receive your email announcing you were leaving your Fillmore Street gallery location after all these years, especially as we just saw you and talked about rents about a month ago. Hopefully that is not the reason you are leaving. We wish you well and hope to see you about the neighborhood.

  • Michael Robinson says:

    I know how much the gallery has meant to you and I am sure the sense of loss will be great. I hope the feelings of loss, however, will be tempered by a sense of triumph for all that you accomplished by opening and running your wonderful gallery. How extraordinary to have met and nurtured so many terrific artists, to have introduced so many people to their work, and to have been such an integral part of the San Francisco art scene.

    So many of us just dream our dreams. You make yours a reality. All your life, you’ve taken the road less travelled; and you’ve seen and created many marvelous things along the way. I can’t wait to see what you do next.

  • Greg Calegari says:

    I congratulate you on all that you have accomplished in your eventful career as an art dealer, having nurtured many wonderful artists and having done so in what I call “the Thomas Reynolds style,” which is to say in an ethical, supportive and consistently honest and open environment. You are the “poster person” for what and whom an art dealer should be and how he/she should behave.

  • Judy Chance Hope says:

    Dear Thomas Reynolds,

    I just had to respond to your goodbye announcement. I have enjoyed
    visiting your honest little gallery for many years and, of course, I’m
    reluctant to let it go. So many galleries are closing their doors. I can’t
    tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your exhibits over the years and when I
    couldn’t make it down to the city (I live in Willits) I enjoyed the
    postcards, giving me a juicy tease. You may have seen two sets of nose
    prints on your windows in February as my friend and I had bad timing and
    you weren’t open when we came by. You provided us with inspiration and
    beauty, and for that I say thank you so much.

    Judy Chance Hope
    Country Painter

  • Mike Kelly says:

    I walked by the gallery yesterday and found it empty. I was broken hearted. Thank you for bringing such great pieces to Fillmore Street. Good luck on the rest of the journey.

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