About TRG

Located in a restored Victorian just steps off Fillmore Street in San Francisco, the Thomas Reynolds Gallery has been a success since its inaugural exhibition in 1994. Reynolds’ objective of concentrating on original representational works of quality offered at reasonable prices has found favor with an informed public.

Most of the artists featured have a California connection. They are all thoroughly schooled in their craft and all have surveyed the current art scene and chosen to return to realism. But it is a realism not of the stultifying 19th century academic ideal, but rather representation informed and liberated by all of the advances of 20th century expression.

Unlike much of the work being produced today in the realist idiom, which is often labored, derivative and banal, Reynolds has had the discernment to select artists who exhibit a freshness, originality and spontaneity of vision which has become the hallmark of the gallery.


§ 3 Responses to About TRG

  • Vesta Kirby says:

    What a great discovery…..your gallery. Love the intimacy of the rooms. Reardon’s watercolors sing.

    Have enjoyed all the recent posts…..especially “One who sees” by Baudelaire…a favorite.

    May all those I’ve recommended get by to see Michael’s exhibit.


  • Please add me to your email distribution list. Thanks!

  • Judson Orrick says:

    Twenty years seems to have gone by in a flash. I have enjoyed each trip to your gallery. I hope for the neighborhood’s sake you stay open for another twenty years. I can neither fit in nor afford those little dresses they’re pushing . . . Every best wish.

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