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Stevan Shapona | Heather Back

Stevan Shapona | Heather Back

STEVAN SHAPONA works out of his studio in San Francisco’s Excelsior District, where he manages to survive without an email address or an Internet connection. The result of Shapona’s somewhat isolated lifestyle is a series of gorgeous female nudes, silhouetted against dark backgrounds, that are striking in their use of single color tonalism.

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A conversation with Stevan Shapona

May 5, 2005 § Leave a comment

Kristen Reclining | Stevan Shapona

Q: Have you ever thought of your work as abstract?

A: Yes, I’m constantly trying to strike some sort of balance between the representational and the formalist (abstract) issue. There are artists who had a high degree of both. These are my heroes. Theophile Gaultier once said in reference to Puvis that “a too lively reality of color would deprive the nudity of its virginal abstraction.” This has always meant a lot to me.

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