Journey to the tropics

October 22, 2004 § Leave a comment

A catalog of Francis Livingston's paintings is available.

Trips to tropical islands to capture them in paint don’t always yield the best results. But a recent trip did. One of the major factors was that this was a combination travel event, with much time being spent with my son looking for birds and exploring their habitat. This exploration took me to different parts of the islands, introduced me to people and showed me small villages I probably would never have explored if my sole reason was to look for things to paint.

For two weeks we were in the rain forest, mountains and beaches. We also spent some time in larger towns. My mind is still reeling from the visual impact: the contrast of wealth and poverty and the wonderful graphics and colors on buildings in both rural and urban areas. The people and the color and light are inspiring a significant group of paintings.


Sketching Gold Rush San Francisco

August 21, 1997 § Leave a comment

Frank Marryat was only 20, but already the adventurous young English aristocrat had traveled as a midshipman in the Royal Navy through Asia, then written and illustrated a book describing his journey. And so when gold was discovered that year in California, Marryat could not — and would not — resist the thrill of joining the rush. With a servant and three dogs in tow, he sailed in 1850 for Panama and on to San Francisco.
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