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Gary Bukovnik | Gold Lillies

ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS about being a newspaper and magazine editor for most of my life is getting letters to the editor. Yes, they sometimes come from bellyachers eager to argue, but more often from people who have a story to share, or an insight, or a kind word.

Having a gallery for nearly three decades and being connected with a like-minded community of art enthusiasts is a little like that — especially now that much of our interaction is electronic. Here are a few favorite recent communications:

MY SWEET WIFE is nearing the end after a long struggle with ALS. When I told her I had bought one of Gary Bukovnik’s paintings, and showed her the image, she got a huge smile, knowing exactly why I wanted the piece. Her favorite flower will now be with me every day.

I CONTINUE to appreciate your wonderful TRG email. It is always a treat. I hope your relocation and life in Santa Barbara is suiting you well. I am so grateful to be on your mailing list. During our challenging Covid times, your emails have been like a trip to a gallery or museum.

HOPING THAT YOU are loving your new location and that all is well. We are holding our own up here in Petaluma. I continue to be involved with the Petaluma Arts Center and we’re more involved in the community than ever. It’s good. Art matters!

I HOPE YOU AND BARBARA are thriving in your new life. I miss your presence here on Fillmore Street, as I am sure the merchants and the community do. You gave the place definition.

ABOUT THE SAME TIME I got your email about the Gary Bukovnik watercolors, I signed up for a watercolor class here at our retirement community. Seems silly for a retired lawyer and judge, especially since I have zero talent and I am red-green colorblind. Oh well, I understand the teacher is patient and tolerant of artistically challenged people like me. We will see what happens.

WE JUST KEEP CHUGGING ALONG like the happy old souls we try to be. Joe is doing much better since the surgery. He has more energy and is starting to perk up. That makes me happy and I now can pick on him from time to time. Thank you again for being the usual suspect in a prolonged purchase. I will send the next check at the end of September.

CLEARLY that shoeshine chair found the right home!

Folk art: our vintage shoeshine stand

WE’RE ALWAYS HAPPY to hear from you. Email trr@thomasreynolds.com.

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