The sanctuary and the artist

November 8, 2001 § 1 Comment

St. Dominic's Interior | David Carr

Rouen Cathedral had Monet, Mont St. Michel and Chartres had Henry Adams, San Marco had Canalletto. In each case, these great religious structures inspired an artist uniquely attuned to interpreting their aesthetic verities.

St. Dominic’s Church in San Francisco has been celebrated in recent years by an artist whose personal vision and painterly skill have captured various truths about the church in painting after painting. David Carr is an honored and distinguished English painter. He has spent a portion of every year painting in the city since his marriage in 1992 to a San Franciscan.

Whether painting St. Dominic’s in San Francisco or Sir Christopher Wren’s churches in London, Carr’s paintings display a supreme mastery and a virtuosity that is always understated and never slick — a virtuosity that enables him to render the most subtle mutations of light and sky with a spontaneous brush. A casual viewer might overlook Carr’s work in this day of overblown creative efforts. His paintings are small and intimate. But if one pauses to examine — what reward to the discriminating eye.

— WILLIAM W. WHITNEY, Nob Hill Gazette

§ One Response to The sanctuary and the artist

  • Terry Patterson says:

    I saw David outside my house on Eddy Street one day in the 90s painting the skyline peeking through the bell towers of Holy Cross church, which has since become the Temple of Good Fortune and Happiness. I’ve always regretted not buying that painting; David always had the most uncanny painterly eye and taste for color.

    I like to think his magic transformed the closed, decaying church into the temple of joy it is today. I look forward to seeing the exhibition at Tom’s wonderful gallery, always a warm, welcoming place.

    Terry Patterson

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