Painting the neighborhood

November 19, 1994 § Leave a comment

During the holidays, residents and shoppers in the Fillmore will find something new in the neighborhood: an exhibition of fine California paintings and hand-crafted furniture.

Scott Street | Veerakeat Tongpaiboon

Thomas R. Reynolds is mounting a special six-week exhibition and sale of historic and contemporary art. Many of the paintings depict local scenes or were painted by neighborhood artists. The exhibition introduces the paintings of Veerakeat Tongpaiboon, a young artist from Thailand who lives in the neighborhood and works nearby at his aunt’s restaurant, Neecha Thai, at Sutter and Steiner. He recently received his MFA degree from the Academy of Art.

“I am enthusiastic about bringing art into the daily life of the neighborhood,” Reynolds said, “especially this neighborhood, where so many talented artists then and now have lived and found inspiration.”

Reynolds has a special interest in early 20th century neighborhood artists, mentioning Arthur and Lucia Mathews, William Keith and Dirk van Erp as examples of nationally renowned artists who lived or worked nearby early in this century.

“I hope we can create something of a salon that will be a center of activity during the holidays,” Reynolds said. A series of special events, including gallery talks and presentations by the artists, will be held during the exhibition.

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